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How To Get Kuda Virtual Card | Checkout card transfer limit

With the CBN latest policy and change of top currency notes which have lead to cash withdrawal limit in other to encourage a digital and cashless economy. On this article learn how to get Kuda virtual card in Nigeria, transfer limit and everything you need to know about Kuda bank.

How To Get Kuda Virtual Card
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What Is The Kuda Debit Card?

The Kuda debit card is a Visa card that is offered by the Kuda banking app to its Nigerian customers. This card allows Nigerians to make online and offline purchases from their Kuda account balance. 

How To Apply For A Kuda Debit Card

How to get a kuda debit card in Nigeria is not a big deal. Especially if you meet the conditions set by the Microfinance bank for receiving one. One of the biggest advantage of owning a Kuda debit card is that they don’t charge a maintenance fee as other conventional banks in Nigeria do to their costumers.

Watch the YouTube video below for more details.

Note: In order to get a free Kuda debit card, you need to verify your Kuda account with your BVN and a valid ID.  Linking your BVN and ID will make them ship the card to you for free. 

On the flip side, if you do not verify your Kuda bank account with your BVN, you will then compulsorily have to keep a balance of 1000 naira in your Kuda account. 

How To Get Kuda Virtual Card

If you are not a fan of Kuda physical debit cards, then it will be worth it if you try out. It is important to note that the Kuda Virtual card is the non-physical version of the Kuda debit MasterCard. 

Here are practical steps to follow in order to get yourself a Kuda virtual card:

  • Launch the Kuda app on your mobile device. 
  • Head to the menu option that is on the bottom of the App user interface. 
  • Press the option labelled “Request A Card”.
  • The next prompt will indicate “Get A Virtual Card”, kindly click on it. 
  • Confirm the Kuda transaction PIN that you created in the past. You can also choose to confirm your fingerprint or Face ID> 
  • Then proceed to input your new PIN for the Kuda Virtual card you created. 
  • Click on “Next” to confirm the PIN creation. 
  • Finally, tap “Okay” to complete the creation.

kuda bank virtual card limit

1. A million naira can only be sent at once and the maximum single transfer from your Kuda account is one million naira.

2. A POS terminal allows you to spend up to 2,000,000 naira at once.

3. The maximum single POS payment you can make with your Kuda Card is 2,000,000 naira.

4. At one time, an ATM can only process 20,000 naira.

5. You are only permitted to withdraw 20,000 naira at a time from an ATM using your Kuda virtual Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kuda Virtual Card Free?

Getting a Kuda Virtual card is free. However, if you want to create another one apart from the first that you created, it will incur a charge. The Kuda virtual card is free because there is no need for maintenance, shipping or any other related costs.  

How To Activate The Kuda Virtual Card

The Kuda virtual card does not need to be activated, it comes in an already activated form. 

Can Kuda Virtual Card Be Used For International Transactions 

Yes, the Kuda virtual card can be linked with Payoneer and be used to perform international transactions. You can also use it to link to your Paypal account and verify it. 

Can I use Kuda virtual card on POS?

Yes you can use Kuda virtual cards on POS but, ATMs and POS terminals from Zenith Bank would not accept it. so before attempting to make a cash withdrawal or use your card for payment, you must update your default PIN.

Can I buy Bitcoin with Kuda virtual card?

Nigerians frequently use Kuda Bank. P2P or Changera Virtual Dollar Card and Chipper Cash Virtual Dollar are generally regarded as the most practical options for any cryptocurrency transaction in Nigeria. When purchasing bitcoin in Nigeria through the majority of Bitcoin P2P sites. This implies that anyone transacting in peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading on Binance has the option of making or receiving payments using a Kuda account.

Hope you got value? Please remember to drop your questions in the comment box below.

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