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Purchasa (PCA) Token Contract Address

Another opportunity to earn money online with Purchasa token. Even if you have just $10, $100, or $1000, now is the time to buy and hold the $PCA token.

You may regret missing this opportunity later on. Learn everything you need to know about Purchasa token, contract address and how to buy.

Purchasa (PCA) Token Contract Address

What is Purchasa Token?

Purchasa is an e-commerce-based crypto project that uses blockchain technology and has a native token, $PCA. Unlike companies like Jumia and Amazon, Purchasa’s PCA token is its stock, so holding it is a way to take part in its valuation.

Why You should invest in Purchasa

1. Purchasa raised $40k from its presale, using $20k for liquidity and the rest for project development. This led to the creation of a new decentralized exchange crypto wallet,, which can be downloaded on the Play Store. 

2. Despite having a high-quality product, Purchasa has not yet done any viral marketing. However, the leaked plan starting in February is to go all-in on marketing, creating new users and investors as development proceed.

3. The PCA token has the following details.

Total supply of 250 million tokens,
– Current liquidity of $49k,
– Current price of $0.0048,
– 516 token holders, and
– Current market cap of $1.2M.

The best time to buy $PCA was in presale and the second best time is now.

4. The e-commerce industry is valued at $4.29 trillion dollars, and the crypto industry (decentralization) is valued at $1 trillion dollars.

Purchasa has two solid products in each of these industries – the marketplace and the wallet, as well as other projects like Purchasapay that are under development.

It’s important to note that the $PCA token has been around for over a year, even through the bear market.

Purchasa Contract Address


The team has been focusing on building, not marketing. As we head towards a bull market, the team will focus on active marketing while introducing innovations to the web3 space.

Your position will determine your valuation when the price spikes as the platform goes fully public. Please remember to share your thoughts in the comments, and share this post. 

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