Financial Investments Review: Earn free $21 after signup

Beta Live Sports is the future of soccer trading! Trade teams in the EPL, Liga Femenina, etc. Build your portfolio, and make a crazy profit by getting free $12 or more Within 10 hours following the guidelines below.


What is

Beta Live Sports is a sports trading platform that allows users to trade soccer by predicting the result of the game full-time. You can trade your favorite team on the world’s most trusted soccer trading platform.

How do Beta Live Sports work?

We pool results of soccer games from the best sports brokerage companies in the world and cross-analyze them with our BP-AI system, which guarantees about 98.75% win on each game every month, and over 220% profit every month.

Users trade on the games we provide, and the profit realized at the end of each game is shared across all traders depending on the user’s trade volume.

How To Play


1. Register through the link I dropped

2. You will be given $2 automatically

3. Withdraw the $2 to your normal wallet for betting(where you see bonus balance just click withdraw)

4. Check the normal wallet, you will find the $2 there

5. Use the $2 play game preferably 4-0,4-2 you’re only concerned about the bonus, not the returns so don plays high odds to be safer.

These are the steps to gain more profits using Affiliate steps.

1. Copy your referer link

2..Refer 10 people and 10 accounts under you must place the game under you with the.$2?After they don play the game, claim an affiliate bonus which is 12usdt(You can claim this by going AFFILIATE on your dashboard you’ll see ) if you refer more you can get more withdrawal

1. Withdraw to normal account and use it to bet too

2. Bet 4-0 or 4-4(5 times)

3. Then withdraw

Withdrawal not confirmed yet … SITE just launched today

Follow the links below to join the beta live sports telegram group:

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