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Ever asked which platform can i use to start a VTU business in Nigeria and make money daily through recharge and get paid. Then you need to register on and get a higher commission when paying for Tv, Nepa bills and data subscription.

What exactly is VTU?

VTU is an acronym that stands for Virtual Top Up. Many people also know this business as a fast way of topping up Data, Airtime, and Tv Cables.

So how does this business work? It involves a dealer recharging the line of the service subscriber through the dealer’s account number. This process doesn’t require the use of a recharge card or USSD code.

Why you should start VTU business in Nigeria

Here is some info that will help you out on Little Capital. This business is easy and perfect for individuals who don’t have so much fund to begin. With as low as 500, you can start a VTU business in Nigeria (Surprise right I will be showing you the site where you can get this)

High Rate Demand

People will rather make purchases from their homes than step out. So your friend can buy from you without stepping out how easy and simple.

Step on how to Start VTU business with N500

By now I know you are eager to know the site that you can use to start up your vtu business.

What is

It is a website where you get all you need for your vtu platforms such as Airtime, Data at a cheap rate, and Tv-Cable Subscription.

Here’s all you need to start your Zickremit Bussiness as a VTU vendor:

1. A Good internet-enabled device
This business cannot run without an internet connection You need a device that connects to the internet.

2. Social network message account
You need an account through which your clients can reach you.

Active your social account for your business such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

3. Adverts for your people
You will need visual information so your customer can know what you selling.

4. Funds/Capital
This business does not require much capital. Fund your account with the sum of N500 and start earning.

How to Be A User on Zickremit

  • Step-1 Go to your browser and input this link
  • Step-2 Register your details and login
  • Step-3 Fund your account
  • Step-4 Pick the Service you need and start selling

The benefit of the VTU Business in Nigeria

The most interesting gist about this business is that You buy MTN 1GB data bundle at N250 and sell it at the rate of N350 or –N400 cool cash right?

Don’t be left out sometimes starting a vtu business can be tough business but join the moving train and register Link below

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