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PU Social Copy Trading App | Earn over $200 monthly

Earn over $200 monthly with PU Social copy trading App, a platform that allows investors to make more profit and maximize wealth.

Through the PU Social app, users can access the global markets under the same attractive trading conditions that PU Prime customers already enjoy. Yet, they will also join a network of thousands of other traders and easily find the best-performing traders in the network and make the same trades simultaneously with the auto-copy function.

PU Social Copy Trading App

How Pu social copy training App works

Curious about what can be done with copy trading? First, click the link below to download the copy trading App.

Download PU Social App

Copy Trading is a system that allows investors to follow and copy the trades of others. It allows people to replicate the success of more experienced and skilled traders.

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Experienced and Profitable Traders can sign up as Signal Providers allowing others to copy their trades for a subscription fee or commission if their trades are profitable.

PU Social Copy Trading App

Copying a trader means following a signal provider’s move automatically from opening a position to closing a position in profits.

PU Social App features

PU Social has
Over 5,000 profitable Traders to copy.

User-Friendly interface

100% Transparency

Great Reliable

Fund protection Adjustment.

Fast trades execution   Multiple Copier settings.

Smart Risk control.

User-friendly display of Trader’s performance to enable trader to make the best choice.

How to start earning with PU Social App

To start earning daily on the copy trading app kindly sign up with the link below:

PU Social App download

puprime forex trading account sign up

Fund your Trading Account.

Download PU Social and Link your MT4

App Store

Copy a trader and start earning.
Send me a messagelet’sget started @Joshuapuprime

Benefits of earning with PU Social

  • Earn Daily Profits.
  • Earn Passive income
  • No Subscription fee
  • Transparency
  • Copy over 5000 professional traders worldwide.
  • Manage your earnings.
  • Copy Multiply Profitable
  • Signal Providers.
  • Equity Guide.
  • Earn without the minimum required skill.
  • Capital Protection.
  • Profitable Traders are exposed to over 10,000 investors on the PU social.
  • Profit share is determined by Traders.
  • Visually Appealing
  • Performance statistics to help know the best traders.

With its belief that given the right tools, everyone can trade, PU Prime is taking things one step further with PU Social trading App.

Now, all traders can connect, learn, and copy the trades of experienced traders and replicate their success. Remember to share with others.

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